And you wonder why I don’t have time to email you.

3:30 a.m. laughter ensues from the twin’s bedroom, slam the baby monitor off and go back to bed

4:25 a.m. laughter has turned to tears. diaper check. all systems clear. go the fuck back to bed

5:35 a.m. so tired of listening to children chatter that I get up. walk into bedroom. all blankets on the floor. shouts for candy. change both children and pretend I’m really happy for their sake.

5:50 breakfast attempt 1: hardboiled eggs with bagel. toddlers protest. won’t eat a bite. throw sippy cups on the floor and shout for helicopters while pointing to the TV.

6:10 breakfast attempt 2: Belvita breakfast biscuits. one bite taken, the rest tossed to the ground. pleas from mother are ignored. push shovels around and shake heads when biscuits are offered.

6:30 helicopter demands overwhelm the apartment. TV turned on. failure imminent.

7:30 nap attempt 1 since children have been awake for four hours. within minutes, blankets are everywhere, pants are pooped, and shouts for mommmmma are heard throughout the apartment.

And how is your morning?

2 thoughts on “And you wonder why I don’t have time to email you.

  1. Sounds like one of my days.. except with the addition of several more children.
    They will act out whole episodes of the powerpuff girls complete with sound effects in the early mornings. They will fight for belvita biscuits though!

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